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11" x 8.5" Certificate Borders
15" x 8.5" Any Use Recording Certificate Blanks w/ 4" Stub
Large 12" - 16" Certificates : Bonds and Debenture / Organizational
8.5" x 14" Legal Size Borders
Medium Borders - Licenses
Medium Financial Certificates w/ 4" Stub
Small Borders (Coupon / Gift Certificate Size)
Small Borders with Stub
Gift Certificates Booklets: Business / Retail / Golf and Fund Raiser Kits / Tickets / Papers
Awards Pre-Printed: 4 Color / Scrolls / Diplomas
Special Purpose Certificates
Goes Lithographing Company's product line of blank certificates are ideal for all your document creation needs from Awards to Bonds to Gift Certificates. All our products reflect the commitment to quality that has been Goes' trademark since 1879.

A wide range of sizes, border styles, stubs and paper stock make Goes Blank Certificates a great, economical solution in a variety of applications including Professional Certification, Awards, Membership and more! Our Border Styles have been crafted over the 130+ years we have been in business.

11" x 8.5" Blank Borders
Letter-sized certificates produced on a variety of paper stock in a rainbow of colors. Your choice of many border styles and package sizes make our 11" x 8.5" certificates an ideal solution for Schools, Athletic Teams, Churches, Social and Professional Organizations looking to create a professional award, recognition or membership document. Use your laser printer to create the document that makes your idea a reality.

15" x 8.5" Any Use Recording Certificates with 4" Perforated Stub
These certificates are a versatile option for applications need a detachable stub. After the stub is removed, a letter-sized certificate framed by a Goes Border remains. Border choices include our Imperial Series, Stealth Series and Harmony Series in a wide range of colors including Harmony Tinted and Imperial Tinted.

Large Certificates : Bonds, Debentures, Organizational
Perfect for Business and Financial applications, these large certificates range in size from 12" x 8" up to 16" x 9.5". Some series include a 4" perforated stub.

14" x 8.5" Legal-Sized Blank Borders
Legal-Sized Certificates produced on 25% Cotton Stock without stubs. Certificates with a Backer are available Green or Brown while one-sided certificates are available in Laser Gold, Green or Brown.

Medium Financial Blanks with 4" Stub
Products range from 14" x 5.75" up to 15" x 7" (including the 4" attached stub) making these certificates ideal for financial applications. Available with Goes Mirror Series Borders (Blue, Orange or Green), Goes Venue Series Borders (Blue or Green) or Goes Six point Series Borders (Blue, Orange, Brown or Green).

Medium Size Blanks (No Stub)
Products range from 10" x 8" (Goes Big Border Series Border or Barrister Series Border) to 9.25" x 7.5" (Barrister Series Border) available in Green, Blue or Orange (Orange not available 9.25" x 7.5").

Small Blanks (No Stub)
Products available in a variety of Border Styles and colors.  Perfect for creating Gift Certificates, Coupons and other small documents on your Laser Printer.

Small Blanks (with Stub)
Products available in a variety of Border Styles and colors with different size stubs.  Perfect for creating Gift Certificates, Raffle Tickets and redeemable-type documents on your Laser Printer.

Recognition Supplies
A wide variety of products and supplies for Recognition applications including :
  • Certificate Holders in various sizes and colors.  Customize with Your Logo!
  • Foil Seals in diameters ranging from 1.5" to 2.5" (Gold) and 2" Diameter (Silver, Bronze, Blue, Red, Green)
  • Embossed Gold Seals in a variety of themes (Completion, Torch Award, Crown , Achievement, Appreciation)
  • Vinyl Certificate Covers in a variety of colors
  • Leatherette Frame / Easel with Clear Poly Cover for Certificate Display
  • Plaques
Special Purpose Certificates
Products available in a variety of Border Styles and sizes. 

  • Safety Paper
  • Insurance Policy
  • MArriage License
  • Bond Coupon w/ 10 Coupons
  • Steel Litho Borders
  • Borders with Coupons or Reply