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Timeless Beauty Posters

Timeless Beauty Poster Set

Six Classic Posters for $16.00 (Including Shipping).

Six Mid-20th Century Pin-Pp images sold by Rocketline Art Calendars 1940-1962.

Each image is a 12" x 16" Vertical Full Bleed 6-Color image, offset lithographed on 80 lb. Coated Text Paper.
The original 1940-60s 6 color glass photographic color separation plates were used.
In the early 1990s each 2 color image was dry trapped resulting in a 3 pass through color laydown to recreate the clean brilliant colors for a retro 6 sheet advertising calendar.

Bewitching Hour by Peter Daro. (Top Row Left in Image Above)
Curtain Call by Edward D’Ancona. (Top Row Middle in Image Above)
Distressing Dilemma by Peter Daro. (Top Row Right in Image Above)

Sailors Ahoy by Billy Devours. (Bottom Row Left in Image Above)
Sitting Pretty by Arnold Cohen. (Bottom Row Middle in Image Above)
Titian Temptress by Jules Ebert. (Bottom Row Right in Image Above)

Images are rolled & shipped via sturdy mailing tube with Certificate of Production.
$16.00 USD includes USPS Shipping

Click on the item below to order (larger image also available on ordering page).

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Timeless Beauties Pin-Up Posters
Timeless Beauties Pin-Up Posters
Six Posters for $16.00 (Including S&H)