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Timeless Beauty Posters

Timeless Beauty Poster Set

Two Sets of Six Classic Posters for $15.00 (Including Shipping).

Two sets of Six Mid-20th Century Pin-Up images sold by Rocketline Art Calendars 1940-1962.

Originally sold by
Rocketline Art Calendars from 1940-1962.

These 6 subjects are owned and published by GOES LITHO. Co. of Delavan, WI. Established 1879.

Subject models are posed as Glamor Art and Situational Pin-up Art themes designed to
place the viewer in an impromptu startling situation that occurs unexpectedly.

Advertising calendars and fountain pen ink blotters manufactured of paper was an inexpensive media that wholesale and retail businesses used to place their name onto a desk or a nearby wall hanging calendar.

Thus the client received a useful gift with vendor contact information close at hand—these free useful writing aids were a constant reminder to the purchaser when placing orders.

After 1949 when a nude magazine image was published of Marylyn Monroe and distributed on calendars the following year, the situational Pin-up subject matter of advertising disappeared quickly.

Images are printed on 70 pound [104 GSM] Coated Paper , of alkaline processing which resists
yellowing because acidic chemicals did not process the pulp.

Your subjects were printed about 1989 for a retro calendar with 6 different opaque offset inks to retain the original color.

Pink and light blue inks with a variation of darkened red and blue inks recreate the warmth as viewed over 55 years ago.

Gallery displayed subjects should be kept away from direct illumination of sun or direct interior lighting.

A brief biography of each artist can be viewed here.

Thank you for your interest in antique lithographic prints and the subject matter produced by process photography, half tone color separation and individual 6 color plate printing by the Harris [Cleveland OH] offset lithographic machine process used by Goes Litho. 1904-2011.

Original art created by Arnold Cohen, Jules Ebert, Peter Daro, Edward D’Ancona, Billy Devours and Peter Daro.

You will receive a beautiful two-sided CLICK HERE TO SEE CERTIFICATE OF PRODUCTION with your order.

A great chance to get vintage posters created by the masters of the day.

Images are rolled & shipped via sturdy mailing tube.
$15.00 USD includes USPS Shipping

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Timeless Beauties Pin-Up Posters
Timeless Beauties Pin-Up Posters
Two Sets of Six Posters for $15.00 (Including S&H)